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Dave Klug and Dinomite Days

Former SPUDS drummer Dave Klug will have his artwork represented this summer as Pittsburgh celebrates Dinomite Days! 100 decorated dinosaurs will adorn Pittsburgh city streets and plazas from May 29 through September 30, 2003, in the world's most colorful outdoor display of dinosaur art. This once in a lifetime event transforms the city into the world's largest Jurassic art park.

Dave's illustrations have been seen in numerous publications, including Fortune magazine, New York Times, and Newsweek. And he's not ashamed to admit that he has the artwork of two SPUDS CDs on his resume (Good Eatin' and Cheaper Than Therapy). As a bonus, Dave created the following dinosaur, a SPUDS Web Site exclusive!

To view Dave's contribution online and find its location downtown, check out his page at The Dinomite Days Web Site. For complete information on Dinomite Days go to www.dinomitedays.org.

Congratulations Dave!!!

What's Going On Behind Willie's Back?

The next time you are at PNC Park, look for this:


Then go to the backside:


About 12 feet behind, you'll see this 
(on the outside edge to the right):



From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Reprinted with the permission of Rob Rogers and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2000
For more of Rob Rogers works, check out: http://www.post-gazette.com/robrogers/

Attention Biomechanics Students at SUNY Cortland!

The SPUDS are proud to announce that Dr. Jeff Bauer has been named the official "doctor” for the Special People Under Doctors Supervision. Professor Bauer worked extensively with lead singer, Mark Lewandowski, to improve Mark's jumping abilities and to correct the execution of a few of his more dangerous maneuvers. Dr. Bauer has expanded Mark's arsenal of leaping and stage diving stunts and has eliminated any fear of injury.

Thank you, Professor Bauer, for all of your help and for demonstrating your outstanding knowledge of biomechanics!

Remember students... All Behavior is a Choice!

Another Spuds...

I am the road manager for a guitar player from Austin Texas named Tracy Conover. Somewhere along the way she nicknamed me "Spuds." I was going to start a website, but you guys already have the name. I will do something else.

The one question Tracy and I always get is what does Spuds mean? (Tracy even says my name on her live album before she plays "Redhouse".) Now I have a great answer, Special People Under Doctors Supervision. Go to her website www.tracyconover.com and click on Redhouse. You will hear her say "This one's for you, Spuds" at the beginning. Anyway, thanks for solving one of life's mysteries for me; now I am special.

-Chris "Spuds" Bynum, Houston

An' other SPUDS...

Single Parents Under Dire Stress

Unsupervised activities are taking place all over the planet. We know about that dog and his lite beer. Now joining those ranks is a discussion group in England calling themselves Single Parents Under Dire Stress.


Another Spud...


I'm in a band called Spud. Spud doesn't stand for anything. We're really new, like a few months kind of new. Well, one day I was searching up "spud" in the yahoo browser and came across the site of Spuds. Which does stand for something. And I'd like to know, is it copyright infringement? Do we need to change our name? I figured I'd ask you since you're the manager. For more information on our band and whatever our site address is www.angelfire.com/rebellion/spud0


Norman Nardini, The Legend 

Visit Norm

Mark with a hero of the SPUDS.

Why SPUDS Keep Going


Recently, Chet Cerebro, the chief public relations officer over at NIPPADU Records received a copy of the following: A Testimony of the Affects That SPUD Music Has on Our Society - A True Letter From Dr.Pat of Gainesville, FL. It has been forwarded to me so that I may now share it with the rest of you.



You just won't believe how my life has changed since I first heard your music. Actually, your CD has had a profoundly positive impact on my entire family.
Some may call it coincidence, but both of my kids have learned to read since playing your music for them. My oldest, Nick, has even finished the 2nd grade. Now we're hoping he'll make it through 4th.
Our dog Boomer, has really come around, too. Used to be that he'd pee on just about anything stationary or moving. One squirt on the speakers while your tunes were playing, and he's not been quite so loose with his plumbing.
The most amazing thing has been your music's effect on my wife, Ann. Let's just say that I walk around with a limp, wear a never ending grin, and am known as the luckiest man in Gainesville.
Need I say more? Thanks again, and keep on making great tunes.

Dr. Pat from Gainesville, Florida.


A Side note from SpudBoy, Hank Lewandowski:

When I first received this note I was overwhelmed. When I showed it to the rest of the band at the next practice, well, there wasn't a dry eye in the cellar. After composing ourselves, we re-dedicated our musical directions to the fine Dr. and his family. Our new rallying cry is ...FOR DR. PAT'S LIMP AND GRIN!!!

Why SPUDS Keep Going, Part 2


Recently received was this note from a very special fan:

(Click for a larger view)

Early SPUDS Performances

Date Appeared with
12/9/86 TIMBUK 3


Ho-Ho Cake a la Cathy

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